4 reasons why small businesses need ERP software

A common misconception shared by many small business owners is that their company is “too small” to invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. But they aren’t just for the big guns; your company may be modest, but implementing an ERP system can help you streamline tasks, boost productivity and enhance performance. What business owner doesn’t want that?

A TechGenix article discusses the benefits in detail – here are four of them:

1. Improved scalability

Small businesses reliant on manual processes to fulfil orders are likely to struggle managing larger volumes as a result of a growth surge. Also, while handling the influx of tasks, it’s possible that a couple could slip through the net.

ERP systems help lessen the impact of sizeable volume increases. Automation relieves staff of arduous tasks, freeing up their time to focus on other activities while guaranteeing a smooth and consistent workflow.

2. Quicker decision-making

ERP systems deliver real-time data that can be applied to marketing, accounting and management. Crucially, however, they enable businesses to make important, timely decisions, limiting the risk of overdue deadlines.

ERP software allows you to identify issues that might impact performance or productivity. As soon as you receive a thorough report of business operations, you can make efficient, informed decisions on time, and react quickly to developments in the ever-shifting business landscape.

3. Keep informed about the latest regulation

Constant changes in government legislation can prove problematic for small businesses owners, many of whom find it hard to keep up. An ERP system gives you a better handle on regulatory compliance, including product traceability, data security and financial accounting. The software keeps everything in line whilst ensuring data accuracy – and if you encounter an issue, you’ll be able to trace it back to the source.

4. Greater transparency

As soon as ERP integration is complete, different information systems in your business can be streamlined into one. This means that relevant data can be accessed and shared by anyone with permission in a few, simple clicks, removing the need to export or re-submit data that could lead to mistakes. The result of this is greater transparency, lower human resource expense and a boost to business productivity.

These are just some of the many benefits of employing an ERP system. If you want to find out the rest or take the first step in implementing ERP software, get in touch with Cognition24 today.