Everything you need to know about Salesforce Genie

Salesforce continues to evolve and its latest solution, Salesforce Genie, which launched in September, aims to take the CRM experience to a whole new level – a magical one.

To quote Salesforce: ‘Salesforce Genie makes every part of the Customer 360 real-time, so every business can deliver magical customer experiences.’ It sounds too good to be true, but in this case it is! Genie works by coordinating data that’s updated every millisecond (yes, we did say millisecond), allowing you and your teams to meet your customers’ needs at the exact moment they need them.

Put simply, it’s a hyperscale, real-time data platform that powers the Salesforce Customer 360 platform in its entirety. With Genie, you can deliver consistent, reliable, personalised experiences across your sales, service, marketing and commerce departments. Genie enables you to use your data to continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real-time.

Genie’s constantly updated data, massive scale, and unified profile also enable:

  • Artificial intelligence that updates outputs every millisecond;
  • Automated workflows that can adapt in an instant based on new data;
  • An unprecedented level of accuracy in analytics.

How Genie will benefit you and your customers

Consumers now expect companies to hold their most up-to-date information. If they phone a helpdesk, they don’t want to have to talk through their transaction history every time; they want the representative to have that information at their fingertips. They don’t want to receive weekly promotions for a child’s toy that they bought as a one-off as a gift.

And if they need healthcare urgently, they don’t have the time or headspace to repeat their medical situation. They want their healthcare provider to have that information so that they can deliver immediate proactive guidance and care recommendations.

With Salesforce Genie, you’ll have access to customers’ real-time data. Whatever your industry, be it medical, retail, consulting, insurance etc, you can meet your customer’s expectations. You will have their most up-to-date information. You will be there for them.

How does it work?

The Salesforce platform is the engine that powers the entire Customer 360. It was originally built to deal with mostly transactional data. Salesforce Genie was created to complement the existing transactional database by enabling it to take in huge volumes of data in real-time. As with all of Salesforce’s platform features, Genie is built using Salesforce metadata. This means that data stored in Genie is visible and available to be used by Customer 360.

Salesforce Genie enables businesses to make sense of all their data from any system, channel, or data stream by integrating data from every part of the customer experience into a real-time, unified customer profile record. This profile can be used to instantly create and deliver truly personal experiences to your customers.

Until now, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have been a marketing tool, uniting siloed data into a shared view. Salesforce Genie is designed to go the extra mile and funnel an almost infinite amount of dynamic data to Customer 360 in real-time. Using this software enables your customer data to continuously update by drawing in new data from any of their touchpoints, more speedily than ever before possible. Everything in this unified customer profile record is visible and can be actioned by any Salesforce product, including all industry solutions. With Salesforce Genie, there’s also the option to build custom apps that enable you to meet customer expectations for apps which reflect their behaviour in real-time.

What gives Salesforce Genie its magic?

It’s estimated that the phenomenal global volume of customer data out there now doubles every 12 hours. This growth makes it impossible to keep on top of. Well, it was impossible, before Salesforce Genie.

It’s the fact everything happens in real time that allows Genie’s magic to happen. It collects and unifies data in milliseconds so you can act instantly. For example, you could present a customer with an offer for a product while they’re looking at it. Or instantly resolve a problem that a customer is experiencing. This is a whole new level of customer interaction

that’s never been possible before. Real-time, connected data is what enables this to happen and Salesforce Genie is the first product to provide this.

Genie works across all of Salesforce’s products, including sales, service, marketing and commerce. This allows all of your teams to tailor the service or the experience they’re providing your customers with in real-time, to match whatever your customer is doing.

Many CDPs only have the capability of dealing with marketing and/or commerce, which is a tiny proportion of the interactions customers have with a company. Those companies can’t possibly give the customer a full experience based on this small amount of knowledge. Using Salesforce Genie, you can.