How to achieve a joined‑up leadership

Our customers nearly always come to us with a business or organisational need that isn’t neatly defined or packaged. In fact, sometimes the explanation of the challenge is just plain messy. Our job is to work in partnership with them to define and understand the underlying issue and then design solutions that are targeted and produce measurable results.  All engagements are specifically customised to the unique demands, context and culture of our clients. We fit our experience tools, methodology and principles to our customer requirements and not the other way around.

Challenge: We want to establish a joined-up leadership

“We want to establish leadership capability, language and practices across a region. We need consistency of approach and yet have leaders who are agile and spotting opportunities. They need to deliver transformational  change. Currently there is no coherency about how we lead as everyone does their own thing. How do we change this?”

Our Solution

Working across three county councils and 12 district and city councils, we helped to design an architecture of development which provided: a common competency framework, assessment tools, coaching and coaching development, intensive and focused training and action learning groups to develop cross-authority working.   The delivery, which ran over three years achieved excellent results and subsequently, we were invited to contribute an article to the publication “Local Government and the Region”.


“That was the best development programme I have gone through. You took us a long way out of our comfort zones and although I didn’t find it easy at the time it has caused me to reconsider how I lead my business. The conversations with other leaders from other areas were really important and useful … a lot to think about……My team has noticed a real difference”.

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