Leadership for change: why you need this and change management

Andy Nellis, Managing Director, interviews Chris Lever, co-founder of Teleios Consulting, a groundbreaking change leadership consultancy and partner of Cognition24.

Questions covered in this lively debate include:

    1. Despite a vast array of change management tools and practices available much change fails to deliver, with programmes hitting predictable issues. How can leaders avoid these traps and deliver the advantages and benefits?
    2. How do leaders help people adopt the changes earlier and more effectively so that cost savings and performance uplifts can be achieved?
    3. The WEF is calling for leaders to be able to navigate the uncharted waters of these transformational times. Practically what does this mean and how do we do it?
    4. Why do so many leaders become just the ‘sponsors of change’? Some seem to effectively hand over the strategic direction and the management of change to programme/project managers and other people outside of the senior leadership?
    5. Does there need to be a new kind of leadership to make sense of and find good routes through, Digital transformation?

Join the discussion, listen to more “hot topics” faced by business leaders and learn about our upcoming Change Leadership webinar on Mar 12, 2020 01:00 PM GMT.