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Supercharge Your Business with Salesforce and SharePoint Integration

Unlock a whole new level of collaboration and document management capabilities

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Salesforce and Sharepoint Integration

As a Salesforce customer, you may have encountered limitations with its current features. SharePoint offers a comprehensive range of additional functionalities that extend beyond what Salesforce can provide.

By seamlessly integrating Salesforce with SharePoint, your business can unlock a multitude of advantages:

  1. Cost Savings: Say goodbye to excessive Salesforce license expenses. SharePoint delivers full collaboration for cross-departmental teams at a fraction of the cost. While Salesforce charges extra for storage, SharePoint’s collaboration is available at a low monthly fee of just $10 per user.
  2. Robust Document Management: SharePoint excels in handling large-scale collaboration content. With real-time co-authoring, offline work capabilities, and ample data storage, SharePoint surpasses Salesforce in document management. Plus, additional storage can be easily acquired at a more affordable price.
  3. Enhanced Cross-Departmental Communication: SharePoint’s powerful intranet brings your entire workforce together, enabling seamless collaboration across departments. Unlike Salesforce, which primarily caters to sales and marketing teams, SharePoint offers extensive collaboration opportunities for free and external users.
  4. Streamlined User Experience: Integrate seamlessly without disruptions. SharePoint content integrates into Salesforce as links, eliminating the need for downloading. Your Salesforce users will experience a unified interface without any changes to their familiar workflows.
  5. Advanced Knowledge Management: SharePoint’s communication sites foster dynamic knowledge sharing through article promotions and announcements. In contrast, Salesforce requires a customer portal to supplement Salesforce Knowledge, which can be costly due to licensing expenses.
  6. Single Source of Truth: Avoid version control headaches. By storing content exclusively in SharePoint and accessing it from Salesforce, you ensure a single source of truth for all your valuable information.
  7. End-to-End Collaboration: Empower your sales, marketing, business analysts, and technicians to collaborate seamlessly within the CRM interface. SharePoint serves as the common link, facilitating real-time data exchange and leveraging Salesforce widgets for enhanced productivity.

Several successful companies have embraced SharePoint as their dedicated enterprise collaboration tool alongside Salesforce. Integrating these platforms offers unparalleled advantages for your business.

Partner with Cognition24 and Proventeq for Seamless Integration

Elevate your business by integrating Salesforce with SharePoint online:

  • This strategic move will boost cost and operational efficiencies while extending collaboration capabilities across your entire workforce and partner base.
  • Experience reduced licensing costs and a seamless user experience – an integration essential for businesses like yours.

However, integrating these powerful platforms requires expertise and in-depth knowledge. Don’t leave it to chance. Trust the experts at Cognition24 and our integration partner Proventeq to seamlessly integrate Salesforce and SharePoint for you.

Our experienced team ensures a smooth transfer of all your critical business assets, with zero errors in movement, confidentiality, management, or user access rights.

To guarantee a successful synchronization, we guide you in selecting the most suitable integration tools available in the market. Our approach prioritizes reliability, automation, and seamlessness – the key factors for integration success.

Take the leap and unlock the true potential of your business. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of Salesforce and SharePoint integration.