Strategic Resolutions for Salesforce Success in the New Year

Adopting a few New Year’s resolutions to your processes and org can enhance skills, improve productivity, and contribute to organisational success. 

Here’s our tips for Salesforce Success in 2024 and beyond. 

  • Master a New Salesforce Feature: Explore and master a new feature or tool within Salesforce, like Lightning Experience or Einstein Analytics, to increase your value to the team.
  • Stay Updated on Salesforce Releases: Stay informed about Salesforce releases through release notes, webinars, and events and of course, the Cognition24 Substack
  • Improve Data Quality: Commit to maintaining and improving data quality by cleaning up records, deduplicating, and implementing validation rules.
  • Enhance Reporting and Dashboards: Improve reporting and dashboard skills to create insightful visualisations and extract valuable data.
  • Complete Salesforce Certifications: Obtain new Salesforce certifications aligned with your role and career goals.
  • Attend Salesforce Events and Networking: Attend Salesforce events such as London’s Calling and World Tour, and network with professionals for insights and opportunities.
  • Optimise Workflow Automation: Evaluate and optimise workflows and automation processes using tools like Process Builder, Flow, or Apex code.
  • Explore Trailhead Challenges: Complete challenges on Trailhead to earn badges and enhance your skills interactively.
  • Collaborate with Other Departments: Collaborate with other departments to understand their needs and ensure Salesforce supports the entire organisation.
  • Contribute to the Salesforce Community: Give back to the Salesforce community by participating in forums, answering questions, or creating content.

Set achievable goals that match your role and organisation for the biggest impact!