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Change Leadership from Teleios

Teleios help leaders and organisations navigate the continuous stream of choices that face them. Their focus on change and transformation helps customers shift effectively to their intended goal, minimising disruption and unnecessary cost.

For the past two decades Teleios has worked with international customers from corporations through to SMEs, supporting over 30 central government departments and local authorities as well as a range of not-for-profit enterprises.

Here at Cognition24, we’ve seen that leading change successfully is often the difference between project success and project failure. Adoption is critical to project success, and effective change leadership drives maximum adoption. Our partnership with Teleios reinforces our beliefs and brings a tried and tested change methodology to our existing practice.

Andy Nellis, Managing Director stated, “Our customers will know that focusing on people and how they view and adopt technology has long been a cornerstone of the way we work. Partnering with Teleios strengthens our capability in helping organisations embrace change. It sends a clear message that we are committed to ensuring success for our customers and their people, in turn helping them to put their customers at the heart of everything they do.”

Make Change Clear

We are committed to change that is informed by all relevant information and knowledge … is intentional in its direction and is outworked with a sparkling intelligence.

Increase Performance

Change is the mechanism of improvement, so our focus is about shifting performance and securing uplifts that are sustainable and good for all stakeholders.


We help leaders and their teams have conversations together, not apart.

Effective and Efficient

We help customers transform in ways that minimise disruption, cost and repeating the same mistakes as last time.

Change Leadership Webinars

Change leadership: live q&a session

Change Leadership: Live Q&A Session

To close our World in Change series we’d like to finish with a live Q&A chat with the Teleios and Cognition24 team around change leadership, health and wellbeing and business change.

If there is a question you’d like to put forward to the team, around any of the following subjects, please contact [email protected] to include in this lively debate.

– SME Support, using technology to grow your business
– The 5 ways to wellbeing and creating lasting change in your workplace
– Managing expectations between team and manager and manager and team
– Multiple roles – expectations, challenges and opportunities.

The 5 ways to wellbeing and creating lasting change in your workplace

The 5 ways to wellbeing and creating lasting change in your workplace

This webinar follows the enthusiastically received 5 Ways to Wellbeing webinar in April. We will delve deeper into how we can deliver lasting change, and the positive impact this will have for employees and businesses alike. We join with Mental Health Awareness Week to highlight why kindness matters.

Access Password: 9r?ls.=Y

A world in change – sme support, using technology to grow your business

A World in Change – SME Support, using technology to grow your business

In this webinar, we’re joined by Ross Harling former CIO and innovator and Cognition24’s Commercial Director Tim Chisnall.  We’ll discuss ways SME’s and stakeholders can use Digital/AI to reduce external risks, turbulence and disruption in the future. In addition, we also focus on Ross’s latest paper,  “The Age of Resilience”,  and the ways in which companies can “come back stronger” in the new normal of a post-Covid business world.

A world in change – falter, survive, revive and thrive

A World in Change – Falter, Survive, Revive and Thrive

We are privileged to have with us Clive Triance who was Head of International Operations for Cantor Fitzgerald and COO of Europe and Asia at the time of the 9/11 atrocity.  The New York office of Cantor Fitzgerald was based in the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. On 9/11/01 Cantor Fitzgerald alone lost 658 permanent staff and 52 contractors. The business was thrust into its disaster recovery plan and in London Clive led the team to try and help save the firm.

A world in change – team to manager and manager to team

A World in Change – Team to Manager and Manager to Team

In this session, we’ll focus on keeping expectations between the organisation and the employee in synch, healthy and clear during these turbulent times. We’ll focus on stories of hope and caution that are emerging. In particular: building trust and showing compassion and protecting your employees’ wellbeing and leading with purpose. Join the discussion, listen to more “hot topics“ faced by business leaders and learn about the upcoming webinars in this series.

A world in change – keeping well your health and wellbeing

A World in Change – Keeping well your health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is very important and this situation has brought many different challenges. We want to support you as much as we can, and hope you find the following content useful, even if it just serves as a reminder to look after yourself at this time.

Putting sales and finance on the same team, with financialforce

Putting Sales and Finance on the Same Team, with FinancialForce

In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn how a real-time, 360°customer view enables project-based services companies to deliver meaningful business value throughout the customer life cycle. With Andy Campbell, Global Solution Evangelist, PSA, FinancialForce.

A world in change – our response to those in uncharted waters

A World in Change – Our response to those in uncharted waters

Uncharted waters have always existed both in reality and imagination for all generations past. What defined them and what will define us, is how we respond and the choices we make now and, in the months, and years ahead. In the first of a series of joint webinars with Change Leadership consultancy Teleios, we’ll focus on the levels of response leaders need to be taking and working towards in the future.

Leadership for change, why you need this and change management

Leadership for change, why you need this and change management

Leadership for change – why you need this and change management. Andy Nellis, Managing Director, interviews Chris Lever, co-founder of Teleios Consulting, a groundbreaking change leadership consultancy and partner of Cognition24.


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