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Why use Salesforce?

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Why Use Salesforce CRM? 

A CRM system such as Salesforce CRM manages customer interactions and consolidates customer data in one location. This data typically includes customer contact information (email, phone, addresses, social media accounts, website) and a log of interactions with customers or prospects, including phone calls, emails and online chat. You can also record details of customer relationships, such as how they discovered your business and their buying history.

How will Salesforce benefit you?

Salesforce’s CRM software allows small businesses to maximise their investment through a better understanding of their customer’s buying journey. Salesforce CRM enables entrepreneurs to track important data, from how customers are interacting with their product or service, to predicting customer needs to process sales.

So what are the benefits of CRM:

  • Helps you better understand your customer
  • Provides a clear view of the sales funnel
  • A central resource for employees
  • Guides businesses towards informed decisions
  • Gives insights to boost customer retention
  • Reduces missed opportunities
  • Reduces delays in communication

So, what are the five reasons we think you should use Salesforce CRM?

1. Understand Your Customers to Maximise Sales Potential

Salesforce’s CRM tools help you streamline customer relationships allowing you to identify significant information. You can then use this information to:

  • Communicate on relevant topics over a period of time
  • Craft well-timed offers and plans
  • Determine strong opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell
  • Anticipate customer’s needs
  • Build rapport with each customer
  • Personalise the buying journey
  • Boost customer engagement

2. Avoid Wasting Time on Bad Leads

Salesforce’s CRM gives you a 360-degree view of all leads and customers, this gives you the opportunity to eliminate bad leads and focus on strong ones. Salesforce’s CRM gives you an insight into key data through its email marketing campaign, social media interaction, and other marketing automation tools. This enables your time to be invested into growing your business and prioritising productivity.

3. Personalise Customer Service

Salesforce CRM enables you to personalise your marketing, developing strong client relationships as you can tailor to each customer’s needs and interests. Your investment will give you access to customers’ touchpoints, key demographics, behaviour and browsing history. For example, you could send email offers that are related to their previous purchases.

4. Train Your Team Members

Salesforce’s CRM tools allow customer information to be accessed by everyone within your company, making your employees and team members invaluable to your CRM’s success.

Strengthen your company’s performance and productivity through training your staff to use the software efficiently, providing them with the skills and knowledge to use it properly. Training the entire team will enable them to work collaboratively, improving internal communications and eliminating silos.

5. Incorporate CRM Into Marketing

Salesforce’s CRM tool’s potential isn’t limited to tracking and monitoring customer interaction. It can be incorporated into multiple business departments to improve customer relations, such as developing and tracking marketing campaigns.

This enhances your customer relationship, as their response gives you feedback to understand their interests. Knowing which elements of your campaign customers are clicking on, is a huge benefit as you can tailor their emails and create successful future marketing campaigns.

How we can help?

Cognition24 is a leading Salesforce Implementation partner with over 20 years expertise in the CRM market. If you are thinking about implementing a Salesforce CRM,  please contact us below or find out more about the range of Salesforce services we can offer.