SPT Labtech, based in Cambridge UK, designs and makes products that transform the way scientists work. For over two decades, their expert scientists, engineers, and business innovators have created innovative solutions for liquid handling, sample preparation and management that help accelerate research and make a real difference to human health. With the acquisition by EQT Private Equity in 2022, they are building on their strong foundation of organic and acquisition-driven growth to pursue an ambitious strategic vision of innovation, geographic expansion, and targeting of new markets to address the evolving needs of the life science community.


Cognition24 supports SPT Labtech by providing a Salesforce Managed service. This service includes ongoing maintenance, optimisation, and support for their Salesforce org. By leveraging Cognition24’s expertise, SPT Labtech ensures that their Salesforce implementation remains efficient, up-to-date, and aligned with their evolving business needs. This partnership allows them to focus on their core competencies while relying on Cognition24 for comprehensive Salesforce management and support.

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