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10 June 2024

Unlock the Secret to Facebook Marketing Success

Salesforce partner
30 May 2024

Discover Why Cognition24 is the Ultimate Salesforce Partner

27 May 2024

Salesforce’s Full Potential: 6 Integrations You Need to Know

22 May 2024

Why Every Smart Business is Turning to TikTok: Marketing Success Revealed

Managed Services - Salesforce on phone screen
13 May 2024
Managed Services

Is a Salesforce Managed Service the Right Choice for Your Business?

SEO Optimization, web analytics and seo marketing concept. 3d rendering
9 May 2024

Mastering SEO: Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Website Success

Interim CTO header
2 May 2024
Interim Services

The Role of an Interim CTO and How We Can Help

Content marketing concept with person hand using a smart compute
29 April 2024

Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Could Be Your Best Move

Stand Out on Social Media Concept. Glowing LinkedIn Logo
25 April 2024

Mastering LinkedIn: Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Success

Vector of a businessman with superhero shadow holding a trophy
22 April 2024
Managed Services

Efficiency and Success with Salesforce Managed Services

Digital Marketing
18 April 2024

End-to-End Digital Marketing Services: The Secret to Success

Digital Marketing
15 April 2024

Digital Marketing Solutions that Drive Results

Email Campaigns
12 April 2024

The Power of Personalised Email Campaigns with HubSpot

Cognition24 Rebrand Header
9 April 2024

Evolving with Purpose: The Story Behind Our Website Rebrand

2 April 2024

Salesforce for Small Business: Tips and Tricks

Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Businessman using laptop and analyzing data on internet technology for managing customer relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction.
14 March 2024

Building Customer Relationships with Salesforce

Web design development graphic
13 March 2024

Website Design: Essential Tips and Tricks with HubSpot

AI, Artificial Intelligence concept,3d rendering,conceptual image
12 March 2024
Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce AI: Unlock the Power

26 February 2024
Interim Services

Future‑Proofing Your Business: CRM, Consultants, and Interim CTOs

22 February 2024

A Guide to Choosing Your Ideal HubSpot Partner for Business Success

19 February 2024
Interim Services

Navigating Innovation: Choosing the Right Interim CTO to Steer Your Tech Ship

13 February 2024
HubSpot, Salesforce

Choosing Between Salesforce and HubSpot?

20 November 2023

Marketing Automation with Hubspot

15 November 2023
Customer Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition

14 November 2023
Interim Services

Maximising Growth: The Crucial Role of an Interim CTO in Your Growing Business

8 November 2023
Interim Services, Marketing

Empowering Revenue Ops Excellence: Essential Tools for Success

6 November 2023
HubSpot, Salesforce

Unlocking Synergy: Salesforce and HubSpot Integration

2 November 2023

Cognition24 and Aedon Accounting Join Forces in an Implementation Partnership

27 October 2023
Managed Services

Maximising Salesforce Potential: Why Managed Services are Key for Your Business

25 October 2023
Interim Services

The Evolution of RevOps: From Sales and Marketing Alignment to Holistic Revenue Growth

20 October 2023
Nonprofit, Pledge 1%

Maximising Donor Engagement with Nonprofit Cloud

18 October 2023
Interim Services

I am a [blank], what can RevOps do for me?

11 October 2023
Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying How AI is Used in Various Industries

4 October 2023
Artificial Intelligence

Breaking Down the Buzzwords: Demystifying AI Terminology

2 October 2023

Meet the team – Adam Lee, Salesforce Consultant

27 September 2023

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies with Marketing Cloud

21 September 2023

Tracking Sales Performance with Salesforce Sales Cloud

18 September 2023

Meet the team – Holly Dear

13 September 2023
Artificial Intelligence

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Artificial Intelligence

6 September 2023

Driving ROI with Marketing Cloud

30 August 2023

Service Cloud Live Agent and Chatbots

30 August 2023

Meet the team – Vicky Bradford

30 August 2023

Meet the team – Tim Chisnall

22 August 2023

Optimising Sales Processes with Sales Cloud Automation

18 August 2023
Managed Services

Benefits of Salesforce Managed Service vs. In-House Admin

9 August 2023

Improving Case Resolution with Service Cloud

2 August 2023
Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the Basics of Artificial Intelligence

26 July 2023

Potential of Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud

26 July 2023

Enhancing Customer Support with Service Cloud

20 July 2023

Data Management for Nonprofit Organisations

12 July 2023

Sales Cloud Implementation Best Practices

5 July 2023

Personalisation with Marketing Cloud

22 June 2023

Exploring the Power of Not-for-Profit Cloud for Nonprofit Organisations

14 June 2023

Mastering Marketing Automation with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

7 June 2023
Customer Experience, Marketing

Email Marketing Best Practices: Tips and Tricks with Marketing Cloud

31 May 2023

Sales Cloud Integration: Connecting Salesforce with Other Systems

26 May 2023

Salesforce Sales Cloud: Streamline Your Sales Process

25 April 2023

How Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Can Help You

3 March 2023
Employee Culture

Women In Tech

25 January 2023

The Sales Funnel: Proven Strategies for Converting Prospects into Customers

17 January 2023
Net Zero Cloud

What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and how can it help you?

9 January 2023
CRM, Salesforce Implementation

A Successful CRM Implementation Plan

20 October 2022

Your very own Salesforce Support System – Flex24

1 June 2022
Field Service

What is Salesforce Field Service?

19 May 2022

What is Salesforce Trailhead?

5 May 2022
Customer Experience, Salesforce

Improve customer experience

29 March 2022

The A-Z of digital marketing trends

3 March 2022
Salesforce, Salesforce Industry Solutions

A Salesforce to be reckoned with

6 January 2022

5 top tips for SMEs investing in business technology

29 November 2021
Business Intelligence, Data, Salesforce

The data game

10 November 2021
Cognition24, Employee Culture, Employee Experience

Cognition24 takes the pledge

20 September 2021
Employee Culture

Compassionate leadership – a little goes a long way

27 July 2021
Customer Experience

This time it’s personal

13 July 2021
Customer Experience, Marketing

The power of empathy in your marketing

24 June 2021
Employee Culture, Employee Experience, Flexible Working

Combating the long-term impact of working from home

9 June 2021

How a CRM system will benefit you

11 May 2021

Salesforce helps the healthcare industry overcome its biggest challenges

27 April 2021

Convert More Leads to Sales with Salesforce

23 April 2021
CRM, Salesforce, Salesforce Implementation

Choosing a Salesforce Implementation Partner

29 March 2021
Employee Culture

Hybrid work to generate productivity

24 February 2021
Data, Own Backup, Salesforce

What’s your backup solution?

8 February 2021
Managed Services, Salesforce Admin

MFA: Protect your customers’ data – and your reputation

1 February 2021

Financial Stability – Getting the help you need

27 July 2020

The fast track to making smarter business decisions

21 July 2020
Business Intelligence, Data Migration

How intelligent is your business?

13 July 2020
Customer Experience

Great Customer Service: 5 ways to make your customers smile

7 July 2020

Is your IT letting you down?

25 October 2019
Data Migration, Salesforce

Is your business still drowning in spreadsheets?

26 September 2019
Change Management, Employee Culture, Managed Services

10 tips for a successful system implementation

9 September 2019
Change Management, Employee Experience, Salesforce

Our 5-step strategy for getting people on board with Salesforce

23 July 2019
Financial Services, Insurance

Case study: How we helped one insurance firm move ahead of the game

18 July 2019
Customer Experience

Why prioritising customer experience is the key to success

3 July 2019

Getting the most out of Salesforce – opportunities rule!

13 June 2019
Employee Culture, Employee Experience

Businesses need to get serious about employee experience

14 May 2019
Employee Culture, Employee Experience, Flexible Working

Technology simultaneously enabling and impeding a healthy work-life balance

25 April 2019
Change Management, Salesforce

4-step strategy for getting employees engaged in digital transformation

11 April 2019
Business Intelligence, Change Management, Salesforce

The 7 steps to escape ‘spreadsheet hell’

10 April 2019
Change Management, Employee Culture

Why empathy needs to be at the heart of every change management strategy

5 April 2019
Employee Culture, Flexible Working

Work Life Balance – have you got yours in check?

20 March 2019
Insurance, Salesforce

Investing in business tech: 5 questions insurance brokers should ask before they buy

28 February 2019
CRM, Salesforce

Beyond the technology: the real benefits of CRM

13 February 2019

‘Big’ data: Why size doesn’t matter

5 February 2019
CRM, Managed Services, Salesforce

8 Ways to Mess up your Managed Services

1 January 2019
Insurance, Salesforce

Investing in business tech: 5 questions insurance brokers should ask before they buy