What is Salesforce Field Service?

Managing, supporting, and overseeing your field service team can be challenging when they’re out on the road. Salesforce Field Service Management (FSM) system ensures that although those staff are out of sight, they’re definitely not out of mind. The FSM software helps by cutting back on the admin involved, organising and prioritising jobs, and giving instant access to data, so your staff can provide excellent customer service.

1. Sharing the responsibility

Field service roles range from consultations, sales, customer support, repair, and maintenance to inspections. Field service managers are therefore responsible for a wide variety of individuals, products, tasks, tools, and mobile devices. As well as monitoring how employees are performing in the field, sales meetings and presentations have to be scheduled, and the correct technical specialists assigned for each job.

This involves tracking, organising, updating and consolidating information. An FSM central system manages all of these tasks, removing the risk of human error, ensuring your business runs efficiently and freeing up time previously spent doing these jobs manually. By automating these jobs, field service managers are able to focus on dealing with other issues that can affect progress, such as incomplete data, sales representatives running behind schedule, and communication issues.

Salesforce’s FSM software assists managers by providing remote access to the office, real-time updates and customer insights. It also offers improved customer experience, and quicker reaction times and saves companies time and resources. The software supports managers so that they can put their energy into making sure their service team is operating at its best. Here are a few examples of how FSM can benefit your sales team:

2. Instant access

Field Service Management software captures, uploads and analyses operational field data as it’s being gathered and reports issues as soon as they happen. This enables field service managers to react immediately.

By having instant access to information, staff can be updated directly on their mobile devices and directed to where they need to be to resolve the issue.

3. First-call resolution

First-call resolution is the most sought-after KPI (key performance indicator) in terms of field service success. Without it, staff have to keep going back as many times as it takes to resolve an issue.

Salesforce’s FSM software gives immediate access to a variety of tools and resources, which help assess a situation. They then put field sales staff in direct contact with in-house experts, and provide advanced diagnostic information and other relevant resources to equip them to resolve the problem, hopefully first time.

4. Make a connection

The best field service experiences occur when customers feel truly connected. When a service agent calls to arrange an appointment and already knows their situation and history, the client feels valued and understood. With streamlined processes, increased connectivity, and easy access to data, Salesforce’s FSM system can help you provide a service that’s efficient and effective and very likely to result in loyal customers.

5. Reduce admin

Field service work comes with a lot of time-consuming admin. FSM software removes that by automating many jobs, including scheduling, sending out reminders, invoicing and issuing work orders.

This frees up managers and employees to get on with the actual jobs, as well as reducing the risk of human error, and keeping everything organised.

6. Save time and money

FSM software gives staff immediate access to all the tools and information they need, enabling them to work faster and more efficiently. Being able to gather, analyse, access data, dispatch workers, automate tasks, streamline processes, and cut down on repeat visits saves companies substantial time and money.

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