A Salesforce to be reckoned with

We all know that customer relationship management (CRM) systems are an essential tool for businesses. Put simply, CRM helps: 

  • Your business grow. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Organise team collaboration. 
  • Better internal communication. 
  • Optimise your marketing. 
  • Improved informational organisation. 
  • Automation of everyday tasks. 
  • Improved analytical data and reporting. 

So, unless customer retention, increased sales and simplified workability aren’t of importance to you, having a CRM system is a no-brainer. But it’s essential that you choose the right system for you. And with so many systems out there, where do you start? 

Why we advovate Salesforce

At Cognition24, our CRM system of choice is Salesforce. There are the obvious reasons for this choice – Salesforce’s software improves productivity by helping the entire company work smarter and more efficiently. It automates processes and eliminates the manual efforts that consume time, making it easier and faster to achieve your business goals. And it’s a cloud-computing technology, meaning everyone in the team can access and do the work anywhere. We’re very aware that some employees may not be comfortable returning to the office yet or that a hybrid way of working suits many people, so a CRM system that’s technically agile is essential for us. 

There are other, less obvious but equally important reasons, why we advocate Salesforce and those are ethical ones:-  

  • Sustainability: As part of Salesforce’s environment, social, and governance leadership, they plan to become a net-zero company relying on 100% renewable energy. 
  • Salesforce is targeting to plant 100 million trees by 2030. 
  • Equality: Salesforce has formed a Racial Equality & Justice Task Force and has committed $200m to organisations advancing racial equality and justice. 
  • Philanthropy: Salesforce has donated more than 6.2 million volunteer hours and $475m in grants. 
  • Salesforce has received numerous awards for its company efforts and innovations. 

Leading the way 

This awareness, commitment and responsible culture is as important to us as the software they supply and we’re not the only ones to feel this way. Salesforce has been the market leader for eight years, with 19.8% of the market share and more than 150,000 companies worldwide using its CRM. Its CRM systems are more than worthy of a shout out too. In brief, this is what you can expect:- 

  1. Scalability and customization based on your ever-changing business needs.
  2. Salesforce has a continuously growing Partner Ecosystem.
  3. Salesforce prioritizes your security.
  4. Salesforce can integrate with cloud-based apps.
  5. Salesforce is an All-in-one Platform, providing a wide range of business solutions for industries and needs, all integrated on a single platform.

Growth spurt 

Judging by these statistics showcasing the company’s growth, the Salesforce team are clearly eating their greens.  

  • The Salesforce Service Cloud holds the highest revenue growth at 23% at $6.4 billion. 
  • Multi-cloud adoption increased by a 97% increase in revenue for 7+ cloud platforms. 
  • The Salesforce Customer 360, which includes 12 Industry Clouds and Solutions, is the complete Salesforce product. 
  • Salesforce has acquired a total of 69 companies. 
  • Slack is the highest acquisition of Salesforce priced at $27.7 billion. 
  • Salesforce acquires the #1 analytics platform Tableau at $15.7 billion. 

Salesforce’s annual revenue 

  • The fiscal sales revenue of Salesforce grows on an average of 26% per year. 
  • Salesforce has gained a record-breaking sales revenue of $21.25 billion for its 2021 fiscal year. 
  • Salesforce raises the FY22 revenue target to a range of $26.25 billion to $26.35 billion. 
  • For FY23, the revenue target of Salesforce is $31.65 billion to $31.80 billion. 
  • Americans mainly contributed to the revenue of Salesforce as it amounted to $14.74 billion in Salesforce spendings for 2021. 
  • The Salesforce revenue in the Europe area is the second-largest at $4.5 billion with a 31% growth rate. 

Partnering up 

Salesforce’s success stems from the partners it chooses to work with to implement its platform for you. The companies it certifies make for impressive reading …  

  • There are 1,939 Salesforce Partners in the world. 
  • The highest Salesforce certification is the Certified Administrator at 97,846. 
  • The Salesforce Partner that received the highest amount of reviews made by customers at 392 in Salesforce AppExchange is Sales Optimizer. 
  • The Top 5 Certifications fall under Certified Administrator, Platform Developer I, App Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Service Cloud Consultant. 
  • Approximately 1,145 Salesforce consulting companies are operating in the United States, the highest country user of Salesforce. 
  • There are 79,241 Salesforce completed projects worldwide. 
  • The number of Salesforce-certified professionals is 73,165. 
  • Trailhead, the leading website to learn Salesforce, has 3.6 million users. 
  • IDC reports that the Salesforce partner ecosystem will create $1.6 trillion in new business revenues and 9.3 million jobs worldwide by 2026. 
  • An average project cost for Salesforce implementation is around $5,000 and upwards. 
  • There are over 15 million Trailblazers in the world. 

Are you considering Salesforce?

It’s pretty clear to see that Salesforce is a world-leader in CRM – helping you streamline your business processes and enhance your customer experience. Working with Cognition24, we’ll help you deliver a customised system that transforms the way you do business on every level.  For a no obligation chat, please contact us today.

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