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As a leading CRM software platform, Salesforce promises to bring companies and customers together, which we all know it does brilliantly. Salesforce needs support though, which is one of the key reasons why we devised our own Salesforce support offering – Flex24.

Flex24 ensures you’ll continue to achieve the best possible return on investment from your Salesforce instance. Our consultants will work directly with your team, assisting you with all your support needs as and when you need it, and guiding you on your Salesforce journey.

Let’s make it personal

Salesforce has its own support plans – Salesforce Premier Success and Success+. These are of course good resources, but Flex24 offers you a much more personal and integrated support experience.

Salesforce’s support staff work on a variety of projects, whereas we’ll appoint a specific account manager best suited to your business and needs. Our support team consists of experienced consultants, Salesforce administrators, and Salesforce developers. They know everything there is to know about Salesforce and exactly how to make the software right for you. They’ll work with you, either to set the software up if you’re new to Salesforce or to help you grow your existing system.

While the Salesforce support teams can ably handle FAQs, Flex24 has the time and tools to deal with more complex issues. We know you and your business, so are perfectly positioned to provide the best possible customised support, app integration, and solutions that are right for your business.

Focus on the day job

Salesforce’s support packages include educational elements on how to use Salesforce. You can also access free training materials to help teach yourself and your staff how to fully use the software. While these resources are extremely helpful and useful, the more time you spend learning and training your team, the less time you’ll have to work on your actual business.

Flex24’s staff are Salesforce-certified experts. By using us, you can concentrate your time on getting your actual job done. Likewise, your staff won’t need to take time out of their working day (that you’re paying for) for training. By using Flex24, you’re freeing yourself and your staff up to use the working day to be more productive and, ultimately, increase your profits.

Our Salesforce support offer

With Flex24 you’ll get regular activity reports. This will help pinpoint what needs to evolve and improve within your business so that you can achieve your objectives. We’ll also undertake Salesforce admin tasks including system security, user management, objects and layouts, automation and validation rules, and reports and dashboards.

Take control

You’re in complete control of how much you want to spend on support. The Flex24 package enables you to buy a certain number of hours for guaranteed expert and reactive support. This agreement can be extended anytime. We’re business partners and will never desert you in your hour of need.

Contact us any time between 09.00 and 18.00 (BST / GMT) Monday to Friday and your agent will respond to your case within two hours. Not only do you receive a fast, efficient, and professional Salesforce support service for your company, you regulate the costs.

Why choose Flex24 Salesforce Support?

At Cognition24, we have the resources, skills, and understanding to maximise your Salesforce investment. Flex24 provides another way for us to be there for our customers, providing expert advice and continual support. We will work closely with you to produce measurable results and ensure you gain the knowledge you need to enable future growth.

For as much or as little as you need us, we’ll be your Flex24-ible friend.

Find out more here or contact us for details.

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