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Data Management

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Single Customer View

Customer data can derive from many different channels: exhibitions, meetings, online activity and from third-parties. Over time, this data can become fragmented across your business, making it hard to analyse and utilise effectively.

At Cognition24 we’ll help you bring all your customer data into one place ensuring it is clean, refreshed and de-duped. A Single Customer View will:

  • Improve customer engagement and allow more accurate and effective targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Optimise strategic decision making.
  • Achieve operational cost-savings.
  • Furthermore, our on-going data maintenance will refresh existing data and unlock new opportunities for engagement.

A Winning Data Management Strategy

We’ll help you design a winning data strategy that will create value and keep the changing needs of your customers at the heart of everything you do.

Data Analytics

Actionable data should be at the core of your organisation. We’ll show you how analytics can help your managers make informed decisions to drive the business forward, improve efficiency, increase profits and achieve organisational goals.

Data Integrity & Security

Here at Cognition24 we can show you how to protect your organisation from cyber security threats. From conducting GDPR audits, to applying governance we’ll ensure you’re ready for every eventuality.