Cognition24 and FinancialForce: A winning partnership

Cognition24 are delighted to announce their strategic partnership with FinancialForce.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, FinancialForce automatically gives you and your team a complete, customer-centric view of your business. Financial Force aligns your sales, services, and finance teams around a single customer record.

360-customer view

FinancialForce applications help companies tie the front and back office together so that your team can have real-time access to the data that drives the business. Built on the Salesforce Platform their apps are built around the customer – allowing users to see sales, financials and projects all in one customer record. When your sales, services, finance and HR apps are organised around the customer, you have crisp processes, clear visibility and the ability to act from anywhere.

This week Cognition24 attended our first Partner Summit in London – it was great to be part of the event.  We’re looking forward to sharing the benefits of the FinancialForce system with our customers.

Cognition24 at the FinancialForce Summit

Cognition24 at the FinancialForce Summit