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FinancialForce Partner

Uniting front and back office systems

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FinancialForce Partner

Cognition24 are proud authorisation partners of FinancialForce. Our expert product specialists and project managers will guide your team through the implementation process and steer you clear of common pitfalls.

Customer-Centric ERP

FinancialForce unites front and back of house systems – providing a complete view of the business from sales to accounting. Whether you are a CEO, CFO, Sales leader or financial controller, FinancialForce’s suite of tools put you in touch with your organisation’s data.

Financialforce forecast screen

Combine your front and back office

FinancialForce offers the leading customer-centric ERP, helping organisations rapidly translate demand into new revenue models, run more predictable business operations, and increase customer lifetime value. Unlike other ERP applications, FinancialForce extends the value of your Salesforce applications (e.g. CRM, CPQ, and Einstein) by seamlessly unifying sellers, professional services teams, and traditionally back-office professionals. Running your business with customers at the center empowers you with highly actionable and holistic insights at every step of the customer lifecycle, ultimately driving business growth.

FinancialForce PSA

Are you looking for a services management solution? Would it benefit your company to unify all your departments so that they can work closely to solve problems and better understand what your customers want? FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) is the services management and operations tool your business needs.

FinancialForce PSA is built on a single, cloud-based platform – Salesforce. Our cloud-based software enables you to have real-time business data instantly available across all departments, at your convenience. FinancialForce PSA gives your company the visibility it needs to be able to make more informed decisions to help improve margins and deliver revenue growth.

With FinancialForce PSA you have:

  • Full visibility to connect the right resources with the right projects
  • Ability to connect sales and services for customer satisfaction and better resource management
  • Enterprise-class scalability


Achieving financial stability – q&a
22nd October 2020 - 1:00 pm

Achieving Financial Stability – Q&A

With the future business climate uncertain, and many businesses searching for stability, financial and otherwise, we are looking for a way to respond to these challenges, in an agile way, being adaptable to changing conditions. This Q&A is hosted by Raymond Holt, Managing Director of Agnentis Partners and former Financial Director.

Financialforce: impact of covid-19

FinancialForce: Impact of COVID-19

There is an emerging view that when things return to normal, it will be a different ‘normal’ and some things will change forever, based on what we have experienced and learnt, both as individuals and as a society. Hear from a group of senior individuals from the software and services industries, including Tim Chisnall, founder of Cognition24. In this panel discussion, they share their experiences and insights on the impact of COVID-19 on their business and personal lives, in the hope that others may find some benefit in hearing their thoughts, contributions and ideas.