5 ways to improve the Sales-Finance relationship

Here’s the big secret about the often-adversarial relationship between finance and sales teams: it’s not really a people problem. It’s a process and systems problem. This statement may seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom but, ultimately, sales and finance are on the same team. They both want the business to succeed. They both want to grow the revenue stream. And they both want to be considered star players. But it’s also true that these teams approach these shared goals in different ways. And when processes and systems that cross departments aren’t aligned, mistakes happen, which can cause tempers to flare and personalities to clash.

So if sales and finance both want to grow the business, how can you improve processes to ensure that everyone works together as a team to achieve that goal?

In the first of a series of three lively webinars with our partners at FinancialForce, we’re joined by Stewart Monk, VP & General Manager EMEA and Raymond Holt, Managing Partner of Agnentis and former Financial Director of Odgers Berndtson. We’ll discuss the following:

  • How would you describe the culture in your organisations and experiences between finance and sales?
  • How do you think Sales / Sales Directors and Finance / Finance Directors see each other’s roles?
  • What kind of Finance and Sales Directors have you worked with before?
  • What challenges do you see ahead that will require sales & finance to work together?
  • How do we see the technology enabling this new model?

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Sales vs Finance: Webinar 1


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