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Why invest in Salesforce end user training?

In our experience, the biggest obstacle when it comes to user adoption in Salesforce is lack of end-user training. Time and time again we hear from customers, “yes we have Salesforce, but we just don’t know to use it”. In our opinion, its vital that all of your Salesforce users are fully up to speed and trained to add value to your business.

When we implement Salesforce – whether its via our Fast Start or Standard Implementation packages, we always work with our customers so they have in-depth knowledge of the system and any customisations we’ve made to the standard platform. However, there may be times that our customers need a little more help, perhaps if they have a larger team or just don’t have time to train new staff. That’s where our Salesforce end user training adds real business benefit.

Our trainers

Our Salesforce training is bespoke to your organisation. Our trainers are vastly experienced and will take the time to understand your organisation so your users can gain full benefit from the system and pass their knowledge down to other members of staff. All our team are passionate about training, sharing top tips and tricks learned from training many Salesforce end users, helping you to increase user adoption and end-user retention.

Salesforce Training Options

1. Salesforce Basics

Salesforce basics does what it says on the tin — we’ll introduce basic Salesforce management, giving you a good solid foundation:

  • Managing Accounts & Contacts
  • Working with Leads
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Recording Sales Activities

Reports & Dashboards:

  • Introduction to Reports
  • Building and Customising Reports
  • Report Formats & Types
  • Building and Customising Dashboards

2. Bespoke Salesforce Training

We also offer bespoke training courses specifically tailored to your industry and business type.  For example, you may with to train your marketing team on Marketing Cloud or Pardot, or get your Sales Team up and running with Dashboards, Reports and Opportunities. Contact us below and let us know your requirements so we can build a course around you.

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