Salesforce Managed Service Plans

Customisable Plans to Suit your Requirements

We know that all businesses have unique requirements, which can evolve over time. In view of this, we offer you the flexibility to tailor your experience by selecting from our four Salesforce Managed Services plans. By doing so, you can customise your plan to precisely match your current needs and budgetary considerations.

If you’re hesitant to hire a full-time employee solely for Salesforce management and require occasional assistance without the burden of a full-time commitment, we’re here to help.

Select the plan below that aligns best with your requirements. For further clarification, please make a call to our Managed Support team who will be able to guide you through our services.




£6,000 PA – Typically for small organisations with less than 10 Salesforce users and low complexity.


£12,000 PA – Typically for small to medium size organisations with up to 25 users and medium complexity.


£24,000 PA – For larger organisations with typically up to 50 users and more complex or high level code base.


£48,000 PA – For enterprise organisations or those with a complex Salesforce estate with more than 50 users and one or more integrations.

Certified Salesforce and HubSpot Consultants

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