Working with Nonprofit organisations is one of Cognition24’s key roles and the one we get the most out of. To know we’re helping make a difference adds true value to what we do. With this in mind, we’d like to share with you how working with Salesforce can help boost operations and campaigns and expand your impact to increase your fundraising efforts.

Why Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

As one of the world’s leading CRM solution providers, Salesforce helps millions of companies improve their productivity and achieve targeted revenues. Many of these companies are large corporate enterprises, but their integrated platform works just as well for small businesses, including non-profit organisations, such as higher education institutions and fundraising entities, that want to broaden their digital reach and help people worldwide.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud software also helps closer to home, making communication more effective, increasing employee performance, providing better programmes or services, engaging and strengthening company’s communities, and giving a unified view of ongoing operations and activities.

The Science

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud software is an end-to-end platform that provides a free-flow of information among fundraising, program management, marketing, and technology teams. The solutions it offers enables nonprofits to manage and track their income streams, inbound grants, and programs in one place. These include fundraising, marketing and engagement, program management, and grants management.

The Benefits

Nonprofit organisations have to be transparent, accessible and financially manageable. The CRM software you use has to effectively manage and control your activities and operations. Organisation is key to the success of this, which is where Salesforce’s software comes into its own.

The software has built-in functionalities to create and design customised workspaces, or personalised dashboards, for each team working on the project. This enables employees to manage and perform their jobs, be they fundraising, grants or workforce, and create actionable tech plans in an organised way.

Another key USP is the customisation option. Most nonprofits have the same criteria, but with varying missions and individual requirements. Salesforce’s software allows users to tailor the standard features and functionalities to match the operational requirements they need to reach their particular targets.

Another huge benefit is Salesforce’s support team. An expert is always on hand if you need technical assistance or dashboard help, and to give you the reassurance that you’re implementing the best possible solution for your organisation.

Accurate Reporting

All nonprofit organisations must report every fundraising activity, programme, event, donation etcetera accurately. These reports must be exact and meticulously updated. Salesforce’s reporting function is renowned for its precision and reliability, which is essential for this vital role.

Gift Aid

NGOs have to account for every penny spent, so Salesforce is at pains to ensure it offers a cost-effective solution. The company set up The Power of Us Program to help nonprofits with affordable products and programs by gifting the first 10 subscriptions free and discounted prices after this initial free period.

Nonprofit Cloud

Fundraising is an NGO’s most important role. Salesforce NonProfit Cloud helps make this job easier with the following features:

Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising feature provides a complete view of your donors, which you can share with your partners, providing assurance and their continued support.

Digital-First Fundraising Strategy helps you connect with potential donors using tailored, personalised communication across various channels, including digital experiences and online fundraising.

Nonprofit Program Management feature enables users to define and create new programs, or adjust services. Regardless of the quantity of programs or the levels of complexity, different programs can be managed easily. These range from running an emergency service helpline or call centre, to providing essential information and support.

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits software provides email templates that are designed to appeal to either volunteers, donors, subscribers or supporters. This increases the likelihood of engaging your supporters, as the emails and messages they receive from you will be appropriately targeted, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all scattergun approach.

Nonprofit Success Pack is a free, open-source software package that provides insightful reports and analytics to help measure your fundraising performance and manage donations and income.

Having a clear view of how your business is running and operating, gives you the awareness and vision to put together a strategy to move forward to the next level. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud software can help take care of the technical side, enabling you to focus on what really matters – raising money for the cause you care about.

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