Certinia: Sales vs Finance Webinar 3, moving forward the role of the CFO

If sales and finance both want to grow the business, how can you improve processes to ensure that everyone works together as a team to achieve that goal? In the last of a series of three webinars hosted with our partner at Certinia, we’re joined by Stewart Monk, VP & General Manager EMEA at FinancialForce and Raymond Holt, Managing Partner of Agnentis and former Financial Director of Odgers Berndtson.

We’ll discuss the following:

Q1. For what seems like forever, the role of Finance Directors and Finance teams has been that of policemen. How do you envisage this changing?

Q2. What do you see as the challenges ahead for the role of Finance to make this change?

Q3. What do you think this means for the relationship and interaction between Finance and Sales?

Q4. Do you see any specific challenges in how Finance will need to interact with Sales? Q5. How can technology assist Finance Directors and Finance Departments in making the change in their roles