Where is the storm coming from?

Our customers nearly always come to us with a business or organisational need that isn’t neatly defined or packaged.  In fact, sometimes the explanation of the challenge is just plain messy.  Our job is to work in partnership with them to define and understand the underlying issue and then design solutions that are targeted and produce measurable results.   

All engagements are specifically customised to the unique demands, context and culture of our clients. We fit our experience tools, methodology and principles to our customer requirements and not the other way around. 


“Things are going very well.  We are exceeding our growth targets, meeting our financial goals, delivering on our vision and relationships …. we feel pretty healthy” What I am concerned about is what is over the horizon.  Creating success has been hard work but straightforward…..maintaining it …….well that is the tricky bit” 


We’ve had the great privilege of working with the senior leaders of this organisation on a broad range of challenges.  Our coaching has been focussed on creating strategic visioning and translation of this to operational reality.  At other times, we have concentrated on personal development. 


Teleios has provided an important independent view of the challenges we face.  They bring a breadth and depth of experience from business and academia which allows them to connect with us.  We hold them with great respect.  What they have provided has been catalytic for our discussions as a senior team and skilled facilitation that helps us work together with determination and cohesiveness” 

Cognition24’s partnership with Teleios ensures we have the people, culture and change expertise to help organisation embrace change – whether it’s a new technology system or a significant change in strategic direction.  To find out more about Teleios, please join our webinar on March 12, 1.00 GMT

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